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What a Summer

I love summer time! It's my favorite season! I love the sunshine, I love the heat, and I especially love the long days. Normally my pace slows down a bit during the summer months while I enjoy extra time with my son and loved ones; however this summer had a mind of it's own.

At the beginning of June I went with Girl Pop to perform in North Carolina at Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort. Talk about a fun little, guilt-free get away. Nothing like getting to travel while still making money doing what you love!

Also in June, I ran Savage Race with my friends. I love doing this every year! It's an incredible challenge that motivates me year long to stay fit and to continually improve each year.

In July I performed with the Jay Clark Band at the Ohio State Fair! Wow! We also did some other local shows. It was a great time playing venues that I've never played before and learning new music.

I also got to go to Virginia to spend time with my family there. I have a couple nephews and niece there that I'm missing growing up. I loved being able to spend time with my parents and my brother and his family. Gotta make time for family!

In August, Dana and I opened for Max at "Rose al Dayton". First time I showed up to a gig with sound already set up complete with a weighted 88 key stage piano waiting for me to play. Talk about being spoiled!

August 4th stopped summer right in it's tracks. The Dayton Shooting is something everyone is still recovering from. Dayton is strong though and Dayton is a survivor. Dayton survived the floods in 1913 and is still surviving today after we were hit this year with tornadoes on Memorial Day and also a mass shooting less than three months later.

September brought an all time high. I got booked for my first week long acting job...with lines! My character was a construction worker. I was living the dream working 8 hours a day on set. I had the time of my life doing what I love and making new friends and I hope I get to experience the rush again soon. (Picture posted with permission.)

In between all the shows and acting, I also started another side business, Wiley Pool & Spa Service. This is in addition to my first side business that I started early in the year, Great Miami Productions. These are still in their baby stage, but I have great hopes for them both.

Oh and one more thing...I got my certification to teach a group fitness class! Wow! Another dream come true! I'm actually making a little money on a normal basis working out! I can't believe it!

Over all, I'm so grateful. Life is so much more than I ever imagined it could be. Of course there are bad days, but you have to go through the bad times in order to appreciate the good times.

Autumn....I don't know what it will bring, but I know what I need to do and I know what I want to do. Everything in between is going to be a surprise. I'll keep you posted!

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1 Comment

Andy Baxter
Andy Baxter
Oct 03, 2019

Glad you had a wonderful summer doing what you like. Looking forward to your new album this fall and hope we can be there when released. Good luck in all your future endevours!!!

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