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Girl Pop Success

The Girl Pop Launch Party this past Saturday was a huge success! It exceeded our expectations in every way! We are all so thankful for such a wonderful experience and for all the people that had a part in making the night so special.

Ashley Martin first sent me a text back in August 2018 about Girl Pop. Right away I loved the idea. It wasn’t until the first practice that I started wondering if I got myself in over my head. I was told we were going to dance and wear costumes. Costumes? What kind of costumes? I haven’t worn shorts in public for years and all the sudden I was expected to wear shorts and dance on stage in front of hundreds of people. Oh my! Dancing?! I can sing and free dance all night, but put me in a group to do the electric slide and I get run over on the dance floor every time.

I rarely back down from a learning experience though and this one was about to be the biggest, artistic learning experience I’ve had in a long time. I read daily motivational quotes that say things like “Do what scares you” and well, it was time to put that idea into practice. I was about to embark on one of the scariest things I’ve done in a very long time.

One of the first things I did was contact 30 West Fit. They have been a long time accounting client of mine and I knew they were very successful at what they did so naturally I called them. I started training with them in September. I followed their plan, put in the hard work, increased my will power, and lost 10 lbs in time for our launch party. Yes! Mission accomplished! You can contact 30 West Fit Here.

Learning the dances was actually just as hard as losing the weight for me. Other than a few Tango and Belly Dancing lessons about a decade ago, I had no professional dance training. Beth Ann, fellow Girl Pop member, was a godsend. She is professionally trained in musical theater and dance. The fact that I could learn directly under someone that has a musical theater degree and Broadway experience is in itself a dream come true for me. Beth Ann and Jaime, another fellow Girl Pop member, choreographed most of the dances and taught the rest of us Girl Pop girls. It took hours and hours of practice and muscle soreness but I eventually learned the dances. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my fellow Girl Pop girls! Thank you!

Girl Pop has not only been about doing things that scare me, but I also learned other things that I didn’t even know I was needing to learn or be reminded of. Simple things like…it’s okay to be girly and it’s okay to let myself get excited over the small things. I also learned how to do 15 costume changes during two 45 minute sets! Working with this group of hardworking, beautiful, sweet, yet fierce ladies has been both a challenging and a wonderful experience. I’m so excited to find out what the future holds for Girl Pop! Follow Girl Pop Here!

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I dont think there is a thing out there you you havent been sucessful at. You and the girls, band, food and facility were wonderful. I hope this endeavor goes far as we will be back!

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