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Curious Animals perform Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker"

Pussy Cat Dolls'  "Worth It" performed
by Girl Pop

ZZ Top's "Tush" performed by Curious Animals

Man, Do Things Change

Song written about a lost love.  

Filmed and recorded at Moon Ranch Entertainment

Curious Animals is a classic rock band based in Dayton, Ohio.  Reyna is one of the lead singer's of this rocking, high energy band.

Check out their website

Be Free (You Are My Sunshine)

Song written to the next generation.

Filmed and Recorded by Moon Ranch Entertainment

Original Concept by Reyna Spears

Make Me Your Own

Song written for fun.  Making light of what people will do or who they will become in order to get attention from their crush.  

Filmed and Recorded by Darrell Frasier

Original Concept by Reyna Spears

Want to watch more of Reyna's videos?
Check out her youtube page!
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