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In 2015 I went to a Lynn Meyers Casting Call for Bruce Willis' "Marauders".  I didn't get a call back for "Marauders", but I did get a call back for Mariah Carey's Hallmark Film, "A Christmas Melody"!  I still can't believe it!  Not only was I an extra, but I was also a stand in.  What's a stand in?  Someone that the camera and lighting crew works with when for the main actress is preparing for the next scene.  My first time on a big set and I was already up close watching the directors, crews, and actors work!  I fell in love with the process and am now on set every chance I get.  


Extremely Wicked,                    Featured Extra - Journalist

Shockingly Evil, and                 Cota Films                                Director:  Joe Berlinger


Haunt                                       Stand in for Katie Stevens  (also used as hand double)

                                                 Nickel City Pictures                   Directors:  Scott Beck & Brian Woods  

Reprisal                                     Featured Extra – Front Desk Nurse

                                                  EFO Films                                 Director:  Brian A.  Miller

Life & Death of John Gotti         Featured Extra – Waitress

                                                  EFO Films                                 Director: Kevin Connolly

Killing of a Sacred Deer             Stand in for Raffy Cassidy (also used as an extra)

                                                  Element Productions                  Director: Yargos Lanthimos

Mercy                                        Stand in for Ellen Page (also a featured extra – Conservative Camper)

                                                  Uncorked Productions                Director:  Chris Sparling

UFO                                           Stand in for Ella Purnell & Gillian Anderson (also used as extra)

                                                  Story Mining & Supply Co          Director:  Ryan Eslinger

Over the Rhine                          Featured Extra – Tipsy Woman in Bar

                                                  JYS Productions                           Director:  Mitch Teemley

Curvature                                  Featured Extra – Waitress

                                                  1inMM Productions                      Director: Diego Hallivis

Tiger                                          Stand in for Janel Parish  (also used as extra when needed)

                                                  Empire Films, Inc                       Director: Alister Grierson

A Christmas Melody                 Stand in for Lacey Chabert (also used as an extra)

                                                 Empire Films, Inc                           Director:  Mariah Carey



Lima Memorial Health               New Mother

Abbey Credit Union                  Spokesperson

Elev8ted Fitness                        Trainee/Workout Girl

Miami Valley Gaming                 Extra Waitress

Dominique’s                              Singer

Submarine House                      Happy Customer

Coney Island                             Background Extra in Water Park

LCNB Bank                                 Business Woman

Kroger Training Video                Shopper

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