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10 Weeks @ 30 West Fit


It’s been 10 weeks and I’m down 10 lbs! I can’t believe it! Whoohoo!!!!

I used to think it was near impossible for me to lose weight. I even had my hormone levels checked! There was a time in which I swore there was something wrong with me because no matter what I tried, I still couldn’t lose any weight. I tried this diet and that diet, I even tried diet pills. I worked out at least 5 hours a week and the scale still wouldn’t budge. I was told, “Oh, it’s just your age.” I, of course, passionately refuted that excuse. ☺

During my first session with Dominic Anastasio at 30 West Fit, I told him that it was really hard for me to lose weight. Dominic just smiled and asked me what my goal weight was. He talked with me and created a nutrition plan and a workout plan that we both felt was doable. I’ve been following his plan and the pounds have been consistently coming off one by one. This has been one of the harder challenges I’ve chosen to take on in my life, but it was something that I had to do for myself. I’m so glad I contacted Dominic! I never truly thought I’d ever lose my extra weight, but I’m now a believer. I’m ecstatic!

Not only are my jeans looser, my confidence higher, and my energy soaring, but I have also weened myself off of my high blood pressure medicine. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, about 6 months ago, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hypertension. I was already eating moderately healthy and exercising, so they told me it was genetic and told me there was basically nothing else I could do about it. I, of course, refuted this “nothing I can do about it” advice as quickly and as passionately as I refused to listen to people tell me that I was just gaining weight because of my age. I did try to eat healthier and manage my stress level; however, the only thing that lowered my blood pressure enough to get off the medication was losing the extra weight.

Dominic gave me the extra support I needed to consistently eat healthier which made me loose the weight I needed. His nutrition plan was doable, his workout program fit into my busy schedule, and my weekly check ins held me accountable. I’m the type of person that likes to do things on my own, but this is something I definitely couldn’t have accomplished on my own. I needed the extra push. I needed to be held accountable. I needed… 30 West Fit.

30 West Fit not only guided me to loose ten pounds, but Dominic also saved my health. He took me down the path that got me off medication which saved me from the side effects of long term medication and for that I will always be grateful. Always.

I’m not quite at my goal weight yet, but I am positive I will get there as long as I stick to the plan!

Thank you, 30 West Fit!!!!

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1 Comment

Proud of you and the accoplishments you made. Keep it up you can tell the difference and so glad its been a healthy change! Youve been looking great!

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