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Don't Forget to Love

I recorded "Don't Forget to Love" last year at The All Nighter Studio in Lebanon, Ohio. I've been saying for years that I have an EP coming out and well...It is finally here! I had an All Star studio artist line up including Rob Olsen (guitar), Rob Thaxton (bass), Doug O'Connor (drums), ChoqT (studio engineer), and Whynot Jansveld (mastering engineer). It really was an experience I'll have for the rest of my life and I have Paula Marcus to thank for adding the magic spice to the whole experience.

"Don't Forget to Love" has five songs on it. All different stories, all different vibes. People often ask me what my genre is and I still have a hard time answering that question. To me, art cannot be put in a box if it naturally doesn't fit in one. My writing style is all over the place and that's what I love about it. I'm unapologetically me when I write my songs. My music isn't for everyone, but nobody's art is supposed to be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. We all have our different tastes, likes, and wants and that should be celebrated and accepted in life.

The EP starts off with "He Makes Life Easy". A song I wrote several years ago, inspired by a facebook post. It was a friend's wedding anniversary and she posted "He Makes Life Easy". That simple four worded post make me think, reflect, and write this song.

Shortly after I wrote "Hard". The song was initially written in frustration. I was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities I have as a single mom, entrepreneur, and artist. I was lacking genuine empathy as people vented their complaints of a 'hard life' to me. As I wrote the song though, I realized "Hard" is different for different people. My "Hard" is not the same as a stay at home wife's "Hard". At the same time, my "Hard" is not the same as a war refugee whose home has just been taken over either. "Hard" changes over time for different people and things we once thought were hard are things we now handle with ease.

"Dayton Strong" was written the day after the 2019 shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton is a place that is near and dear to my heart. I've lived in the Dayton area longer than any other place. I've been shaped into the woman I am today from all my experiences and friends in Dayton. The day after the shooting, after making sure all friends were accounted for and not physically wounded, I was asked to write a song. I was asked to write a song for the people of Dayton. After much prayer, meditation, and tears, "Dayton Strong" was born.

"Call Me A Fool" was one of the first songs I've ever written. It was originally written on guitar one night while laying in bed. I laid on my back, hugged my guitar in my arms and wrote this song.

"Don't Forget to Love" was written in 2020. Everything was going crazy. People were becoming more divided than I've ever seen before. Friends were fighting friends and so many people were dying. Covid and depression ran rampant. This song reminded myself of a timeless truth that I still hold dear today. Love. When you don't know what to When you struggle to remember who you are or want to Love. The answer to all things.

Those five songs all hold a magnifying glass up to who I am today. I'm honored to be the vessel that brought the songs into the world. I hope they are enjoyed and above all I hope we "Don't Forget To Love."

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