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Reyna performs with many different bands. Most of her performances keep her close to her hometown of Dayton, Ohio.  Reyna not only sings, but also acts and is an entrepreneur. Whether you see her on TV or on the music stage, her energy will touch you. 

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MAY 3     @ 8pm       Curious Animals at Miamisburg Moose


MAY 4     @ 8pm       Signs of Life: The American Pink Floyd at Sorg Theatre Middletown


MAY 13   @ 7pm       Reyna (Solo Acoustic) at Tipp City Center @ 7pm


MAY 15   @ 7pm       Reyna & Dana at Little York Tavern, Vandalia


MAY 18   @ 830pm   Reyna & Dana at The Brick, Huber Heights


MAY 25   @ 8pm       Curious Animals at Kings Point Pub, Kettering


MAY 29   @ 7pm       Reyna (Solo Acoustic) at Elsa's, Centerville


JUNE 1     @ 8pm      Reyna & Dana @ Moe Harrigan's, Kettering


JUNE 8     @ 8pm      Signs of Life: The American Pink Floyd @ Wheeling, WV Island Casino


JUNE 13   @ 7pm      Curious Animals at 1572 Roadhouse BBQ, Waynesville


JUNE 21   @ 8pm      Curious Animals at Little York Tavern, Vandalia 


JUNE 25   @ 7pm      Reyna & Dana at Submarine House, Centerville 


JUNE 26   @ 7pm      Reyna (solo acoustic) at Elsa's, Centerville 


JULY 12     @ 8pm      Reyna and Scott Houchens at Harrigan's, Kettering


JULY 13     @ 8pm      Curious Animals at Phonebooth Lounge, Kettering


JULY 20     @ 630pm  Reyna (solo acoustic) at Caesar Creek Vineyards, Xenia 


JULY 24     @ 7pm      Reyna (solo acoustic) Elsa's, Centerville


JULY 26     @ 830pm  Reyna & Dana at The Brick, Huber Heights 


AUGUST 3  @ 8pm     Reyna & Dana at Harrigan's, Kettering


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