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Don't Forget to LoveReyna
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Reyna is a singer - songwriter that lives in the Dayton, Ohio area.  She started singing with her family in church when she was just 6 years old.  She began her professional music career in 2008 singing jazz standards with a local jazz trio.  Over the years she has performed over a thousand gigs with various bands.  She has performed in the opening acts for international bands such as Foghat and also national bands such as The Menus and Naked Karate Girls.  

Reyna can perform as a singer songwriter and also as a cover artist singing songs from the classic rock era all the way to today's top hits.  She is a true artist and her energy is contagious.  

Reyna is thrilled about her newest EP release "Don't Forget to Love".  Her style is a melting pot of Fiona Apple, Carole King, The Cranberries, and Lady Gaga.

The EP contains 5 songs that show the range of her artistic delivery.  "He Makes Life Easy" and "Hard" are songs written as Reyna observed and reflected on life around her.  "Dayton Strong" was written the day after the 2019 Dayton Shooting for the friends and family affected. "Call Me A Fool" was actually one of Reyna's first songs ever written and "Don't Forget to Love" is Reyna's message to the world.  

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